Monday, 18 April 2011

ACW Rebs

Dismounted cavalry colour bearer
Still working on my new ACW Reb army..
This is a work in progress as I am replacing my
old minifigs army with a new Dixons one..
My Yank army is mostly Foundry, but the dixons seem to fit in quite well against them.
The Dixons have great character and look really
Reb-ish, if there is such a word..
I have one gun and 10 bases of infantry completed.
The 6 bases of mounted and dismounted cavalry are near completion.
I recon 50 Bases will be enough, with 6 guns and a few Cavalry.

Dismounted Reb Cavalry officer

Mounted R.E.Lee

Mounted Reb Officer

Reb Cavalry

Nearly finished reb colour Bearer

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