Monday, 2 May 2011

Finished Westphalian Light Infantry

Command and Caribinier Stands
 Completed Westphalians for Lee.
Ready for static grass to be added..
Nice looking battalion for GdB.
I know the Light Inf did'nt carry flags, but it was requested and they do look better with one..
So I chose a standard infantry colour.
Column Side view

Full Column

Front View

Workbench Westy Artillery
 These are the westy foot Artillery.
The figures provided were a mix of French foot and horse.
I have painted the horse as full uniform and the foot figures as wearing the grey overalls that were often worn in the field.
Other wise except for the cockade the uniform is generally the same as the French.
Westy Commander and ADC & Guns in progress
The Guns are the German blue instead of the french Green.
I did this to reflect the German origins of the Battery.
The commander and the ADC are standard french Officers.
I will germanise them a little to reflect the Westphalian look that Lee requires.
All Figures and Guns are Front Rank.
(except for the ADC horse that is from Renegade)
I liked the pose with the extra Harness detail and only one pistol Holster.

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