Friday, 17 June 2011

Brits Win Again

Part 3 of the Naps campaign was fought last night and once again resulted in a British Breakthrough and Victory.
This was the hardest fought battle so far, with many troops on the table.
The French had to hold their line and stop the Brits from breaking it.
All was going well for the French and it looked like they had put all their hopes on the final 4th game where they greatly outnumbered us.
British victories in the 1st and 2nd games mean that the Brits had already achieved the Campaign victory conditions of 2 breakthroughs in the 4 games.
If the french held last night and then broke the brits on the last game, cancelling one of the early victories.
The French would have won the Campaign with the brits only achieving one breakthrough.
Karls French and Glenns Westphalians held their line well. Glenns advance was very steady to a good defensive position where he held Jon in check for much of the game.
Karls French covered the hill on the flank with a strong brigade supported with a 4 gun battery.
This played havok with the advancing British lines and a fall back was need to let the brits regroup.
The battle in the centre through a wooded area went back and forth with line against line firing at each other from almost point blank range.
A co ordinated attack on the hill and centre by the brits soon put pressure on Karls French and a sweeping Charge through a small gap by single squadron of British Light Dragoons sealed the Brits Victory.
They Charged the gun battery that failed its morale and routed off the table.
The French passed the folowing Brigade test but were peppered by the advancing British Line and suffering many casualties in the one sided firefight..
By then another British Dragoon squadron had joined the first one and the breakthrough was complete.
Just in time aswell as Glenns westies came at Jon in a mass attack pushing Jons Brits back and inflicting heavy casualties.
Great game that went right to the wire.
No Point in playing the Final game next week a the brits are 3 up with even a loss still resulting in an overall British campaign Victory.
I just want to say thanks to the guys for a great three games, fought in our usual style.
Lots of Tea n Cofee, cigs, Nurofen haha, Cursing, bad language, Laughter, Die throwing and most of all Friendship.
Next week is SYW.
Austrian/Russian vs Prussian.
20 Strength points (big game)
Testing the New rules, my SYW variant for Fire & Fury.

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