Saturday, 23 July 2011

Jacobite Battle Thursday 21st June

The Scots advance onto the steady British Line
 Great game on Thursday eve. My Jacobites assaulting Karls British.
We used my new "Ultima Ratio Regum"Ruleset.
The battle ended up been a bit Culloden-ish.
The Scots tried to go toe to toe with the Brits and failed miserably.
My objective was to Break through the british line, and this was nearly achieved by my right flank early in the game.
In the end, the steadfastness of the British Grenadiers and some pretty crap dice rolling by me. ended the opportunity.

As the Scots on the right clear the ridge, the British line comes into view
 My Cavalry did well again but it was to late in the battle to achieve a breakthrough.

Well played to Karl.
He really does know how to use his British.
They did what they do best, steady volleys followed by a steady advance.

It did show that the rules worked perfectly again.

Back to the massed charge's next time I think.

The Scots poor fire discipline was a major factor in the defeat, couple this with the Brits excellent fire discipline and the result was as it should have been.

The british centre advances

I am looking forward to getting my new terrain from Terra Firma Studio's. The games will look amazing and cant wait, lol.

The British centre halts to await the Jacobite assault
 Thanks for a great game Karl, A well deserved victory for the British.
My Scots are reforming and will be ready for the next engagement.
Jacobites preparing to launch the Highland Charge

Scots cavalry advance towrds the British cavalry

British cavalry awaiting the advancing scots

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