Monday, 26 September 2011

ACW battle Thursday 22 Sept

Ignore the camera date, it's wrong.

My Yankees Advance

Fire & Fury,
Myself and Karl with the Union forces.
Glenn & Jon with the Confederate forces.
Force composition was D10 randomised and the result was.
37 Infantry stands & 4 Guns
38 Infantry Stands & 3 Guns
38 Infantry Stands & 3 Guns
32 Infantry Stands & 3 Guns.

Karls Yanks advance

The rebs came on in their usual agressive charges. Jon whooping as they came on.
The Yanks formed up and awaited the assault.
The Reb assault came, Jons rebs Hitting my yanks hard, my Zouaves were destroyed but the rest of my line held and pussed them back.
Glenns assault came in piecemeal against karls yanks, (thanks to some poor dice rolls)
Karl counted against the weakened rebs and pushed them back.
Jons Rebs advance

With the rebs falling back acroos the whole front, the yanks countered.
A full assault from the union line forced the rebs back again with further heavy casualties.
Karl broke the rebel flank, All looked grim for Glenns retreating rebs.
Jon managed to steady his Rebs and reform a line.
My yanks had their dander up though and broke through on the left.
Glenns Rebs advance
 Glenn formed what was left of his corps and fought a valliant last stand that was swamped in blue at the end.
Karl jumping around in victory at the complete destruction of his opponent.

Jon meanwhile steadied his last brigade and tried a final charge to stem my yankee advance.
This failed, the last rebel brigade fell back with heavy losses.

My Yanks advanced with Karls to take the field.
Jons assault on the union line
 Jon lost 26 stands from his 32 & 1 Gun.
Glenn lost all his 38 stands & 1 Gun. (he had 2 guns left)
Myself I lost 10 stands from my 37 & 1 Gun.
Karl lost 9 stands from his 38.
Glenns assault on Karls union line
 A resounding Victory for the Union.
Great game
Glenns centre suffers ans is driven back

The start of the end for Glenns rebs as Karl counter attacks

Karl destroys the reb flank, Glenns rebs fall back to try to reform

Glenns rebs fail to reform and the flank is open for Karls yankees.

Glenns reb last stand

Jons assault is halted and driven back with heavy losses

My counter attack on Jons Rebs drives them from the field

Glenns Confederate corps is destroyed

Glenn surveys the shattered remenants of his corps.

& gives a final salute to the yanks, (2 stands left ) Haha


  1. Nice photos and nice looking figures, I don't think Glenn enjoyed the game too much!!!! Well the result anyway!

  2. Yep Ray, he wasnt very happy, lol
    A very enjoyable game though.
    This week we are playing SYW with my new finished ruleset, "Ultima Ratio Regum" and probably a Russia vs Prussia clash.


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