Friday, 21 October 2011

28mm Warlord Games ECW

 Couple of pics of some current work.
Warlord Games Cuirassiers and an Oliver Cromwell.
Both virtually complete except for basing.
We were gaming last night, SYW
Prussia vs Austria.
Great game that ended with a draw result, both sides were battered though.

My new "ultima Ratio Regum" ruleset played perfectly and had a great linear feel to it.

Big thanks to Karl for bringing his Austrians, & Glenn for letting me destroy his cuirassiers.


  1. Fine looking troops, Oliver looks pretty menacing.

  2. Excellent stuff. The more cuirassiers in the world the better
    -cheers Mike

  3. Thanks Guys, I really enjoyed painting the Cuirassiers, Currently painting Charles.


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