Friday, 28 October 2011

Last evenings Peninsular game, 28mm "General de Brigade"

My three brigades deployed, Brits on each flank, with my Brunwickers holding the centre, my Highlander left flank prepares to advance & engage Glenns wetphalians awating at the bottom of the hill.

Glenn advances with his second brigade towards the high ground on the right with orders to secure it. No British are in sight at this time.  His artillery advances with them. The wood blocking his view of the brunswickers in the centre.

Glenns first brigade awaits the advance of my Highlanders on the left, he uses his first brigade artillery to engage my Brunswick battery in the centre. He then swings this to support the right as my Jocks advance into range.


My British on the right also advance towards the high ground and encounters Glenns Brigade as they clear the ridge. Both meet at close range, Glenns limbered battery clears the ridge to find a British column waiting for it.

My Brits engage Glenns Westies in a sharp  firefight as they come into view on the high ground. Struggling to deploy into line, they open fire in column formation. One battalion  destroys Glenns limbered battery before it can deploy and falters it. The westy brigade general is wounded and retires for medical treatment. The westies fight back hard, but leaderless.

My Highland Brigade advance onto the awaiting Westphalians on the left. Glenn awaits with three line and support from the battery if needed. Glenn notices the vulnerability of the Jocks as they advance and changes the order for the supporting cavalry. They are the only mounted troops on the field and may prove to be invaluable.

Glenns single cavary brigade moves into the centre to support the left. My Brunswick battery spots this and swings the guns around a little to counter the threat.

Glenns battery recovers from the falter and deploys in front of the British column. Although weakened, a round of canister  from the guns causes heavy casualties on the british. The westphalian musketry is less effective though and the Brits is very effective.  A close volley desimates the gun battery and as they lose a gun their morale fails. Glenns destroyed battery  flees the field and the resulting Brigade test is failed. Four battalions of Glenns retire in disorder, leaving my Brits to take the high ground.

My Highlanders engage on the right and the Westphalians realising they cannot match the steady volleys of the Jocks, decide to assault and take the fight to them. They all charge, two are faltered with volleys but one succeeds and charges home. The jocks fail their morale and retreat. But with insufficient move to continue the charge, the westies halt in front of a fresh Highland battalion. Phew! situation saved.. The retreating Jocks rally and once again enter the fight. The pressure is now on Glenn as he advances his cavalry in the centre.

Glenns cavalry at this time have moved into charge range of the fresh but vulnerable Highland battalion. They launch a desperate charge at the exposed Jocks who in turn wheel to bring more muskets to bear. A pretty poor volley empties one saddle and all looks good for the cavalry until Glenn realises thay have charged across the face of the Brunswick artillery. A devastating Cannister volley into the flank of the cavalry takes 6 casualties. The remenants of the cavalry flee the field and the situation for the Jocks on the left had been stabilised. Glenns artillery is all that remains holding his centre as what is left the cavalry gallops past them to safer pastures.

Glenns recovered brigade on the right now advances with new engage orders to try to retake the high ground as the Brits sit comfortably on the ridge and await them. They advance steadily into concentrated volleys and halt in musket range. The forces are about even, but can they match the British firepower.

Glenns Left now recovers and tries one last assault on the Jocks. A massed column charge fails with 2 battalions faltering and one retreating. This is the moment the Jocks have been waiting for, The Jocks chargs a faltering column and force it to retreat, to their horror the Highlanders continue and hit them as they flee. The left flank belongs to the hard fighting Highlanders as the westphalians are all either running or faltering. None may rally due to the Jocks pressing them.

As my Jocks were clearing the left, my Brunswickers advanced in the centre. With only a single battery facing them, they were confident of taking the centre. Fire from my Brunswick battey weakened the Westphalian battery as the infantry advanced, A round of cannister troubled the advancing Brunswickers, but a well aimed volley then crippled the battery, who decided enough was enough. The centre was mine also, as the battery followed their comrades on the left.

The counter attack on the right by the Westies stalled as British volleys took their toll. With their morale still shakey from the earlier failed brigade test, and mounting casualties, they started to give under the pressure. The Brits advanced off the hill and the game ended at this point. With the centre and the right taken and the Westies retreating on the left, it was a great win again for my Brits and a big thanks to Glenn for a great game, in his usual aggressive style.
Glenns Westphalians were mostly 2nd Line and his force consisted of..
Brigade 1 = 3 x Infantry (36 Figs, 2nd Line), 3 Gun Btty (3/4pdrs, Line) & 10 x Line Skirmishers.
Brigade 2 = 4 x Infantry (36 Figs, 2nd Line), 3 Gun Btty (3/4 pdrs, Line) & 10 x Line Skirmishers.
Brigade 3 = 16 x Heavy Cavalry (Dragoons, Line)

My Force were mostly line and consisted of
Brigade 1 = 2 x Highland Infantry (40 Figs, Line), 1 x British Inf (30 Figs, Line).
Brigade 2 = 2 x Brunswick Infantry (30 Figs, 2nd Line), 4 Gun Btty (6pdrs)
Brigade 3 = 3 x British infantry (2 x 30 Figs & 1 x 40 Figs, Line).

Rule set "General de Brigade"

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