Friday, 7 October 2011

No Game last night.

Well, due to people been ill and at work, we had no game last night.
So instead I decided to have a night painting a few of my own stuff for a change.
Created a new US command group for my WW2 games, consisting of a radio truck, M16 A/A, M3 HT & a M5 stuart tank.
I very nearly completed them so just a lil bit more to do at the weekend.
Currently painting Cuirrasiers for the ECW..
Will post some pics over weekend.
I have recently been wondering about the Wargames Illustrated magazine, or Battlefront Illustrated as it seems to be commonly called nowadays.
I see a very similarity to the White Dwarf mag.
Is this what happens when a wargames company produces a magazine.
I do enjoy reading the mag, but it does seem to be getting a bit samey, with the same people every month, with the same systems.
At £4.50 a throw I am thinking, is their anything else worth reading instead. Is miniature Wargames still around?  Mmmmmm,, any thoughts or recommendations would be welcome.

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