Saturday, 31 December 2011

A look back at 2011

What a busy year Painting, Gaming and general messing about with Wargames stuff.
This last year I have paintied around 2100 figures from all scales and periods.
Constructed multiple terrain and scenic items.
Played many games from many periods and enjoyed all of them.
2011's wargaming callendar revealed we had played,
5 ACW games,
and a 6 game campaign.
7 Naps games,
and a 3 game campaign.
4 SYW games.
5 Jacobite games.
5 Zulu games,
and a 3 game campaign.
4 WWII games.
and a final Medieval game to end the year.
This does not include casual games, play testing and games played with my eldest boy.

My collections have increased a little.
Some armies have new additions, some are new armies.
I have a new gaming table, courtesy of Andy at Terra Firma Studio's, and very fine it is indeed.

My games room has been decorated and re organised (Thanks to my lady, Charlie).

All in all a great year and hopefully a great one to come.

I will take this opportunity to wish everyone a Happy New Year.

May your tactics and strategies be sound, your dice roll true and lady luck be on your side, (unless you are on the opposite side of the table to me, haha)

Kev at the Cabin.


  1. A Happy Wargaming New Year to you

  2. I love the last sentence, it made me chuckle!! And a Happy New Year to you and yours!

  3. (unless you are on the opposite side of the table to me, haha)

    you should have added or Loki has a D10 in hand LOL

  4. Loki with a D10, Haha, no thanks buddy..


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