Saturday, 14 January 2012

Vimeiro Game, what a close call..

Well !
What a game !
I think in reality we should call it a French victory.
The British did hold part of the hill at the end of the required 12 turns.
But after Jons brigade decided to run off the table due to a failed brigade test, the French took his position and pressed my flank. At the end, my 2 brigades were clinging on with by their fingernails.
The Game...
The French advanced towards Vimeiro hill.  French artillery deployed and counter battery fired against the British artillery, a duel they came off worst for a change.
Aclands British Bgd appeared at location B to support Fanes Bgd.
Karls French on the right pushed on towards Jons Brits(Ansruthers Bgd), Jon repulsed the two attacking french line infantry columns (Thomierers Bgd) causing heavy casualties.
But he failed to stop the two Elite combined grenadiers battalions (Kellermans Bgd) and they charged the 43rd. The resulting melee was a very one sided affair with the Grenadiers well up on the dice and Karl throwing a 10, Jon replied with a miserable dice roll of a 3 and the resulting rout led to a Brigade test.
On the other side Glenns forces(Charlots Bgd) had a rough time of it and suffered against the steady Fanes Bde. Two failed charges and heavy casualties forced Charlots Bgd back. The Veteran combined Grenadiers of  St Clairs faired no better and were shattered by cannister as they assaulted the centre of the British line.
It was now turn 8 and Jon took his Brigade test, he rolled another 3 (2 in a row) A FAIL.
Ansruthers brigade retired. The routing 43rd ran off the table, along with the 9th and the 97th (who had not even taken any casualties or fired a shot). The remaining 52nd fell back and just remained on the hill.
These were now unformed in the face of 4 french columns, need I say more.
Kellermans Grenadiers now left the remaining unformed 52nd to Thomierers Bgd and the turned on Aclands Bdg who now had to change support orders to deal with the new threat on the flank.
The British artillery in the centre was destroyed with the help of a double 6 and resulted in a dispersal and a Brigade test for Fanes brigade, A test they just passed and held their position.
Kellermans Grenadiers now smashed into Aclands 20th and forced a retreat but with time running out the grenadiers failed to stay formed after the melee. Thomierers columns finished off the 52nd who ran from the charge.
The final turn 12 saw it all, a failed charge by St Clairs Grenadiers. A devastating volley shattered one of Charlots battalions forcing a rout and a Brigade test. A test Charlots Bdg Failed and they ran, losing half of the brigade.
Aclands 20th now failed to rally and retreated off the table causing a final brigade test that was also a fail.
With the loss of Aclands Bgd it left Fanes Bgd holding the hill and the village.
More French good order troops were in posession of the hill than British.
A French Victory.
A great Scenario and game and well done to Karl and Glenn.
Next week is the Action at Ventosa..
The Battlefield

The field of battle from the French side

The Hill with the village of Vimeiro and the vineyards in the distance

Troops ready to be deployed

The opening moves, skirmishers, erm skirmish.

Charlots and St Clairs brigade advance

The British (Fanes Brigade) await the assault

Ansruthers Brigade await the assault

Charlots Brigade engages the Brits defending Vimeiro.

Thomierers and Kellermans Brigades advance.

The French quickly advance onto the British position

Glenn and Karl pondering their next move about mid way through the game.

Thomierers columns are halted and repulsed.

Charlots brigade forces the British skirmishers from the vineyards

Aclands brigade arrives to support Fanes troops on the hill.

British troops defending Vimeiro.

The French assault begins.

Ansruthers brigade runs, the French turn towards Acland and Fane.

Just before Aclands failed brigade test, Fane still hold the left of the hill as Charlots shatterd brigade retires.
A few pics from the game.

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