Wednesday, 22 February 2012

The Fairer Sex, Wargames & Saga.

I needed practice at Saga to ready myself for the coming campaign at the club.
My lovely lady (Charlie) asked if she could play to give me a chance to play around with the battleboard.
We had a few games, she used my Vikings, though mostly unpainted, they are assembled.
Well! she is totally hooked on Saga.
We have had some great games and I think I am getting the hang of these Anglo Danes.
The thing I noticed though, she was not aggressive enough to be a Viking player.
I was beating her quite easily.
Last night she decided to want to try the Welsh.
She had been secretly reading the Welsh abilities and studying the battleboard.
Hence, my Vikings became Welsh for the evening.
What a game!
The Welsh suited her completely.
She grasped the battleboard very quickly and gave me a damn good scrap.
I only beat her by one point and did that on the final sixth turn.
She run rings around my Warband, constantly peppering them with those bloody javelins.
Everytime I tried to close, she laughed and the cowards ran off or halved my move.
She now wants a Welsh Warband for herself and wants revenge tonight.
This is going to be another fun evening.

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  1. Welcome to the revolution brother, you need to insist she can only play while knelt down ;)


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