Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Games Night at Home "Muskets & Tomahawks"

Myself & Glenn enjoyed a game of "M&T" last night.
I fielded a 200pt American force of Light infantry and Riflemen against his 200pt German Mercenaries (Hessians) consisting of Infantry and Jagers.
We played the Raid scenario with the Hessians doing the raiding.
The civilians had already legged it when the Americans appeared to drive off the advancing Hessians.
The Americans fought hard against the tough Germans.
The jagers advancing steadily through the cornfields ran into the American riflemen and after an inititial exchange of volleys the Riflemen were driven back.
They rallied and dug in around a cabin, holding the jagers in check.
On the roght flank, the Hessian infantry ran into the American Lights.
The hessians formed a firing line on a fence and awaited the advancing Americans.
The Americans advancing through rocky ground and cornfields reached their positions and opened fire on the awaiting Hessians.
Volleys from both sides took thier toll with the Hessians coming off considerably worse.
Failed reaction tests and mounting casualties forced the Hessians back into a last stand around a homestead.
The Hessian officer died in a hail of shot as he tried to rally his depleted force.
The Hessian morale card was in the deck and now decided to show itself.
The Jagers rolled a 3 and with the -2 for the card, a Flight result, they legged it from the American Riflemen.
The 4 remaining Hessian Infantry rolled a 1 and with the -2 for the card, "Routed" and left the table.
By now the Hessians had suffered 13 casualties from their attacking force of 18.
The Americans losing 5 casualties from their force of 17.
The game ended with an American victory with the Hessians losing over 2/3 of their force.
Great game.
I really love the tactical play of M&T.
A few pics from the game, excuse the Tiddlywinks, we really do need a better way to represent Black powder markers.

Prior to Deployment, The American officer views the battlefield

American Light infantry advance onto the awaiting Hessian Infantry.

Hessian Infantry advance to engage the Americans in the rocky ground.

Hessian officer stands defiant as the Jagers engage the American riflemen.

American riflemen in a firefight with the Jagers.

Americans taking their toll on the Hessian infantry.

American riflemen take cover in a cabin from the deadly Jagers in the cornfield

The Hessian infantry take cover in a homestead as the Americans advance

The Hessian officer dies in a hail of lead.


  1. This looks like loads of fun Kev great AAR and table. Thinking of gettin the NorthStar indians myself as sold a few IG off. Any chance could meet up with you at some point in the week evenigs or sunday morning to have a demp play? Its just hard for me to make every sunday evening of a month.



  2. Any time Mal, evenings are ok.
    Let me know when you were thinking of, but not tuesdays as thats me games night, lol.
    Or even a week day, mornin or aft if your free.

  3. Fun looking game and neat figures!


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