Friday, 6 July 2012

Muskets & Tomahawks last night again.

Myself and Karl indulged in game of M&T last night.
We Played the "Engagement" scenario.
Karls British and Hessians attacked and were soundly beaten by the defending Americans.
Some damn fine shooting or dice rolling depending on which way you look at it, hammered Karls advancing troops.
He did get one unit into melee that wiped out my riflemen and slew a valiant officer.
He did lose an officer himself though and the attacking unit was left with two figures.
Excellent game.
I would recommend M&T to anyone interested in the AWI/FIW.


  1. An excellant set of rules , I'm very impressed by them .

  2. Sounds like a fun game, you fancy a game this week after work Kev tuesday or wednesday after i finish work?

  3. We sorted for wednesday then Mal, bring your Brits


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