Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Yaaay! I got a game.

I had a suprise saturday game with Andy at the weekend.
My Mrs went to York with her sister for the day.
Kids gone home for 2 days, so a game of naps was on the cards.
We played the Vimeiro scenario from the scenario book 5, with Andy taking the Brits and me the French.
A typical old school scrap with the French coming on in the same old style and getting beaten off in the same old style.
Here follows a bit of a battle report of a game that was closer than we both thought.
British positions at Vimeiro

French starting positions

The French assault begins

The British await the assault

Chants of "Vive la France"

French casualties ammount as the British volley find their mark

The French centre brigade halts under the storm of lead

The centre after the French morale collapses and they flee the field.

The French right push on against inumerable odds

French guns pound the British on the ridge

The British defence on the right starts to falter

French Columns push back Acklands brigade and get onto the ridge

The French right rallies and continues the assault as Acklands brigade flee's

The French combined grenadiers bttn's force the Brits back to Vimeiro village.

The Grenadiers press home the assault on the right. The Brits fall back in good order.

Game over, the lone french column on the ridge as the Brits rally to win the game.
A great game, that was quite close at the end.
Andy had broken 2 french brigades (he needed 3 for a win) or to hold the ridge at the end of 12 turns.
I needed to break 2 british brigades to win and put Andy on 2 bridage morale tests on the very last turn.
Acklands brigade failed and fled the field.
Fanes brigade passed and held firm.
The Brits had retired on the right into a good position and would probably have held the Grenadiers in check.
My entire French centre had fled.
My French right did manage to get onto the ridge and cause a lot of havok, but it was too late and the game was over.
Great game and looking forward to Naps again with Karl and Glenn on my next thursday eve gaming session.

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