Saturday, 1 September 2012

Recent Thursday nights gaming sessions

The last 2 weeks gaming sessions saw my WW2 Germans soundly beat Glenns British and myself and Karl with Napoleons French totally destroy Glenns Westphalians in a 1813 Naps Clash.

The British with tank support advanced on a french hamlet in this Normandy breakout scenario.
The British force consisted of
A full british lorried battalion.
An engineers Co.
A machine gun Co. Both in Carriers.
A 25pdr Field battery, &
A squadron of Churchills.

A full German Battalion.
A 105mm German Field gun battery.
2 x stugs
1 x Hetzer.

The brits came on, not knowing the deployment of the German forces.
They ran into Hell!
With some great dice rolls on my part and some very poor ones on Glenns part. the brits were wiped out to a man.
A few pics of the action.

The Naps game went the same way for Glenn (bad 2 weeks)
In Glenns words "It all went downhill from the start"
The French advanced and managed to survive the hail of musketry and get stuck in to the awaiting Westies.
Numerous failed brigade tests sealed the Westies fate as they fled tthe battle.
An earlier minor success of breaking through the French centre was quickly erased as the advancing Westies were assailed from all sides and destroyed.
A great win for me & Karl (on the same side for a change)
A few pics of the game as it played.
The final pics are the removed casualties nearing the end.

French Preparing to advance

French Advancing

Glen still deploying

Westphalians Deployed

Glenns right

Glenns Westphalian Battle line ready to advance

French Battle line advancing

My French engage Glenns right

Swirling melee or charge and counter charge

The French breakthrough

The Westphalian right collapses

The Broken Frech centre rallies to advance again

French Lancers destroy the Westphalian cavalry

The French right (Karl) now advances on the Westie Left to finish the job

French Lancers see off the last Westie Dragoons

My French casualties

Glenns casualties with one brigade left on the table (till next turn)

Glenns Left make a last stand

Karls French go straight through them and Rout them of the table.
Game over and a complete victory for Boney.

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