Sunday, 13 January 2013

28mm War of the Roses updates

More WotR for Peter.
Warwicks Handgunners in their usual red livery coat with the ragged staff emblem.
Edward IV's Mounted Men at Arms Retinue.
All Perry Miniatures, Lovely figures.

 Currently working on Oxfords Retinue.
A few more 54mm, (Lobsters).


  1. Lovely figures, a period I have always liked but never wargamed. Irregular do some great 54mm ECW cuirassiers, and are happy to sell them without the horse, so you can mount them on ACTA steeds.

  2. Thanks Mike.
    I know Ian at Irregular did some 54mm heads for LLoyd a few years back and they are still available by request I think.
    Dragoons are my next big project for the 54mm.
    I want 2 units of 12 with the dismounted option.
    I'm still pondering which way to go with it.


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