Friday, 4 January 2013

I'm off the mark & the Disaster in the Peninsular

My first Challenge entries are on their way to Curt.
They will appear on here in a day or so, as per the Challenge rules.
I had a good session last evening working on some more WotR.
I am still trying to get my head around the Flames of War rules.
Having played Rapid Fire for so long, and continue to do so, maybe it's my age or something, but I am finding it hard to learn another set of WW2 rules.
We Play FoW at the club and I cant keep borrowing stuff to play.
So my Christmas Pressie from my Mrs this year (with a bit of help from Andy, "Loki") was a 1500pt German Panzer army.
1500pts with a few upgrade options.
My DAK panzer force is painted (very quickly) and ready to go and is my First entry into the challenge.
The final six Musketeers for Chas are also in there.
The Christmas break was good, my eyes and neck needed a rest more than anything.
I have another little side project I have been thinking about the last few years that I may make a start on.
If I can limit it to weekends and if I get time.
We shall see..
On the 30th at the club, we had a full day of Naps gaming.
A very large game with Myself, Pete & Kieron with the Allies and Andy, Matt, Kelly & (Guest) Glenn with the Froggies.
A lot of fun was had as Kieron held his flank against a cavalry onslaught from Matt.
Peter British cavalry although outnumbered two to one, held it's own against Kelly,s attacks.
But Kelly's Infantry punched through Pete's Portuguese Infantry and My Brits in the centre Ran off at the fist Westphalian assault.
My Jocks really did'nt like it up em sir. The Devils in skirts were wearing Yfronts I recon.
The first time in years Glenn's Westies managed a assault order and actually made it, yaaaay, well done Glenn.
A good fight and a Great win for the French.
Hope everyone had a Great Christmas and New Year.
In the coming year,
May your Strategies work.
May your Dice roll true.
May you win with honour or lose with dignity, and
May your eyes survive another year of painting eyes.


  1. loved your DAK stuff, and you have done a great job on the ECW stuff, I have to admit I hate the Sculpts but you have done a fantastic job. What is this new project then?
    Peace James

  2. Thanks James.
    The Redoubt ECW were a challenge as the castings were horrid.
    Took me a full day to clean them up with a dremel.
    Ahh my new Project.
    Well it's and early one actually. I started ECW in 54mm ages back and did 2 pike and shot, 2 guns and a unit of cavalry, some pics on here.
    I am going to try to do a few more to get upto gaming strength.
    Started some pike this afternoon.
    I can only do these in my spare bit of time as most of my painting time is taken up with commissions.
    Cheers, and thanks for the nice comments.


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