Monday, 17 June 2013

Talavera game now this week.

Last weeks re-fight of the "Talavera, Battle for the Redoubt" was cancelled due to Karl having the Puke bug and Andy working.
The game will now be played (hopefully), this Thursday.
Andy kindly brought me over a few gifts.
Looks like I will have to find space for two very nice log redoubts, pics to follow.
Also a quick note for anybody who may be starting on a meds called Tramadol.
Be carefull, I only had one of these on Friday evening.
Prescribed by my doctor to help with my Spondylosis, I very nearly ended up in the hospital.
One massive allergic reaction later, I am starting to feel better now.
I am so glad I did'nt take the prescribed two tablets.

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