Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Disaster, Paint Spillage and of all the ~#><**^"! colours.

Had a little accident earlier with the only pot I had left of the Foundry Flesh 5B mid tone.
I never realised the bleedin pot had been knocked off my table and into the bin.
Upside down, lid open, of all the damn luck.
I fished it out and the paints gone.
I tried to add a little water and now its like p*ss.
I thought, "Great".
Thats £3.50 for a replacement with £4 postage from Foundry, a whopping £8.50 for a single pot of paint.
I thought let me see if any is on ebay, and yo and behold, Foundry are now selling their paint pallettes on eabay.
Loads of em.
£10 for the full tricolour pallette including first class postage.
Oh well, a lil break from the norm then, and going to paint a few Romans for HC as I,m using the old GW bronzed flesh for these lil buggers.


  1. It never rains when it pours buddy!!

  2. Interesting news about the ebay option. Good ind.

  3. 'Ere, £3.50 + £4.00 = £7.50

    You're not an accountant by any chance?


  4. Romans should have a little suntan after all!

  5. at least it did not land unnoticed on the carpet :)
    looking forward to some HC pictures soon then
    Peace James

  6. That's a tough one. I think it would be the perfect time for a bulk order from Foundry, you know just to save on shipping costs.

  7. The Paint palette is enroute.
    Gary pointed out that I can't add up, nope.
    Still cheaper from ebay though.


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