Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Fantastic First Aniversary Book Giveaway on Palouse Wargaming Journal.

A BIG congratulations to Jonathan on his 1 year aniversary.
Get yourselves over to a fantastic book giveaway on his blog, all you have to do is enter.
Go on, you know it makes sense.
The Comp can be found HERE

My gaming this week will be a return match for myself and Andy with our Roman invasion of Barnsley !
Wigan ! Oh ok then, York !
Well it's a Roman vs some mad Brits battle as we get the "Hail Caesar" playsheets out once again.
I wish the weather would sort itself out a bit as I have a huge amount of figures that need priming.
and NO
I am not painting ZOMBIES for ZOMTOBER.
I'm painting War of the Roses for WOTRTOBER.


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