Monday, 10 March 2014

As the Challenge Draws to a close.

The Madness is nearly over as the 4th Analogue Challenge draws to a close.
Andy is sitting comfortably in 1st place and I know I cannot catch him.
I am sitting in 2nd and need to secure this if I can.
Andy and Myself in the top two places will be a lovely achievement if we can pull it off.
It all depends on the last two weeks and if anyone is sandbagging a huge amount of stuff.

Here are my recent entries.
1/72 Converted Mounted Anglo Saxon Thegns

1/72 HaT  Saracen City Militia 2

The First of the Ghazi Fanatics Warbands, 1/72 HaT
My final entries will be some Saracen cavalry and the "Last Stand" bonus round.
Maybe a few Camels, haha.

I will also be returning to painting/Sculpting Full Time in the next few weeks as my life has once again taken another turn.
Hopefully in the right direction, although I didn't really have much of a choice.
Expect a full re-vamp of the blog and a new attitude.
I hope I will get more time for blogging and maybe even a bit more gaming.  


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