Saturday, 5 April 2014

ECW, playtesting, & HIT the BIG 50K

Sorry for the lack of activity recently.
I have been busy though.
I noticed a week ago that I had hit the 50k mark.
I was going to do a giveaway, but I have sort of missed the boat a bit now.
I'll do a good one for the 100k to make up for it.
What have I been up to?
The challenge is now over and it's back to the real world of little toy soldiers.
My blog is ready for a complete overhaul and I will be venturing back into the realms of a full time miniature painter and hopefully, sculpter.
Myself and Loki (Andy) have been busy with a project that will soon become a reality.
This, I am very excited about and should be great.
We have also been very busy playtesting for a future supplement.
Can't say to much about that though (official secrets etc), although if you put things together you will probably guess.

Here are a few pics of last Thursdays mayhem in my games room.

suffice to say that myself and Andy had fun.
Glenn turned up and joined in, late on in the game though it was.
But we got a result again and that completed the playtesting at last.
Well at least for this scenario.

Most of my 28mm stuff has now gone, although we are still playing Naps in that scale.
None of us fancied re-painting Napoleonics in 15mm or 20mm.
A few bits will be on Ebay from Sunday eve, (6th April)
We are doing Hail Caesar in 20's.
Keeping WW2 in 20's and doing SYW, AWI, FIW and Jacobites in 15's.
They do look good in that scale on my 6 x 5 table.
I must say that I am enjoying my gaming again, this is mostly due to my gaming buddies, Andy & Glenn that have also made hard decisions about our direction as a gaming group.
Both, like myself have made financial commitments to continue moving forward and both bring a positive attitude to the table.
At the end of the day, I want to enjoy my gaming experience. Where we are all singing from the same sheet, Understanding the same rules and we can all make an army list (before the game) and do it with a little enthusiasm.
I am also going to try to find more time for blogging.
I do read a lot of your posts, I can do that on my phone, but I do need to post more.
Hopefully I can get back to regular posts now.


  1. Nice report, love this beautiful table!

    1. Cheers Phil.
      The table is getting there, new terrain and little add-ons are bringing it all together

  2. Great looking game!

    On the philosophical side of your post, it looks to me that you are approaching wargaming nirvana. That is, you have weeded out the scales and periods that don't quite grab you AND you have settled in with a couple of like-minded gamers. You are a lucky guy!

  3. Sounds like you have fun times ahead, enjoy them!

    1. We intend to Dave.
      Maybe we can have your presence for a game in the future

  4. Great looking table Kev! Enjoyment from gaming is a must!

  5. great looking table and it looks like the future is bright for you

  6. Great looking layout Kev! 15mm is King!

    1. Haha, cheers Ray.
      I have always loved 15's and 20's.
      I am sooooo happy to be going back to my favorite scales

  7. "At the end of the day, I want to enjoy my gaming experience."

    That's the key.

  8. Good to see that you are back in the seat so to speak and i am looking forward to seeing your sculpts in the future. You look like you are lucking in having good gaming buddies and may many more enjoyable games come your way.

  9. Thanks Pete
    As much as I love painting, I also really do love the gaming side of the hobby.

    1. Need to get more gaming done rather than painting myself.

    2. I've been like that many times Fran.


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