Friday, 18 April 2014

Introducing Brigantes Studio

 Brigantes Studio

A new venture begins as myself and Andrew (Loki) have teamed up to work together to offer a commission painting service.
We have been thinking about this move for a while now as both our circumstances have changed in recent months and we have both taken commissions at different times.
What we did notice was how similar our figures turn out.
So we have been steadily working together to ensure that we can consistently produce work that is to the same standard and no noticeable difference in finish, we have gone to great lengths to use the same palettes for many of the main details on a figure to further harmonise the  the output and ensure that the finishes match.
So please take 5 minutes to have a look at our new site, click the image above or in the right side bar.


Kev (at the Cabin) Howroyd


  1. Best of luck in your joint venture

  2. Good luck - but you should nail it easily.

  3. Good luck for you business !
    Two excellent painters should be able to get the book of comissions filled very soon.

    Cheers & happy Easter

  4. Thanks everyone.
    It's going to be a fun venture

  5. A commission from me on the way Kev..

  6. The new site looks great, all the best with the new business, cheers, Paul.

  7. Top work there and all the best for both you and Loki, I'm sure it will be a success


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