Friday, 25 November 2016

Play Testing and other bumph

Our recent Thursday night gaming sessions have been taken up with a bit of playtesting.
Simon Miller and Andrew Brentnalls upcoming "For King and Parliament" ECW varaint of "To the Strongest".
I must say that this is proving to be a great set of rules for the ECW period.
It has all the flavour of the period and is as much fun to play as TTS.

It has the usual card activation that really does have you screaming at the cards and having the odd chuckle at your unlucky opponent, until the roles are reversed and they are laughing at you that is.

TTS is probably my favorite rule set for the ancient period in a long time.

Anyone who hasn't tried it yet should do so.

I am still extremely busy with sculpting, hence the lack of updates on my blog.
Still managing to game on a Thursday night though which is a good thing really as I need my gaming fix.

There are quite a few pics from the last few months gaming etc, on my facebook page.
Check them out as I'm not reposting it all again here.

On a lighter note,
Andy still loves Napoleonics.
Glen loves WW2
SYW or Ancients for myself.

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  1. Describing your wife as SYW or Ancient is gonna get you in trouble ;)


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