Monday, 21 March 2016

My 2nd show of 2016, Triples

Sheffield Triples at the English Institute of Sport.
19th & 20th March

Oh Dear!!!!

What can I say really?

After the highs of Hammerhead to the lows (rock bottom really) of Triples.
The internet is awash with reviews on the Sheffield Show.
The biggest in the North (pmsl).
I know I said I wasn't going, but business forced my hand, so with my 9yo son in tow I headed for the show.
I got there at 1pm ish on the Saturday.
I could not believe how empty it was, tumbleweed central.
I could rant on for ages about why.
I'll leave that for you to troll the web and make your own minds up.
Suffice to say, It was shite!

I hope Partizan is better.
Pretty Please.


  1. Course Partizan will be better - I'll be there! :O)

  2. It was that good, was it.
    Never been, don't know if I ever will. It was only the other day that I was corrected in my mistake in thinking it was only a big tournament show.

    1. It used to be Roy.
      Not any more though

  3. I will go next year IF I can't make the others. I was there at opening and punters were thin on the ground


    1. Very thin Ian.
      It was dead at 2pm on the sat

  4. Partisan could hardly be worse than this year's Triples - I went on the Sunday, there were more people in the McDonalds afterwards. First time I've ever begrudged the cost of admission to a show.

    1. I know what you mean Matt.
      It was terrible.


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