Friday, 22 April 2011

Jacobite skirmish

My Jacobite left advance towards the British as they
themselves dash to defend the stone wall.
 Age of Reason rules.
Myself (Jacobites) & Karl (British).
10 and a bit Strength points.
Ended with a minor Jacobite victory as I broke the British right flank and ran them off the table.
The left flank & centre was pretty much at a stand off.
I'll settle for the little win after after the last two draws.
Slight advantage to The Jacobites now.
1 major win and now a minor win.
1 loss and 2 very close draws (no result).

Looks like the British will get to the wall first.

2 line defending the wall with Grenadiers to the rear.

My Jacobite centre moves to the attack.
Ready for the Highland CHARGE.

My Jacobite left holds it's position with the help of
the Royal Eccosais.

Chaos in the woods in the centre.
The Brits have dug after resisting the charge, 2 Jacobite
guns hammer the Brits.

The weakened British centre reacts to the the victorious
Clans on the right.

The Clans on the right threaten the British centre.This is how the game ended.
The brits having lost the right flank.
Scots cavalry threatening their centre, but still very strong in the woods and on the left.
My left was holding well though.
Good hard fight, lots of fun.
As always against Karls British.

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