Monday, 28 July 2014

Man Cave Shuffle part 2 and the Games room re-vamp.

The Man cave is finally done.
With the help Andy (Loki) Saunders, who also let me have his paints when he moved over to the droppers.
I now have a lovely shiny new studio to work in.
All new shelving, a good re-organise and quite a ruthless de-cluttering.
I now have a place for everything and everything in it's place.
New work in progress shelves and a damn fine recycled paint rack.
I just need the weather to cool down a bit so I can get in there to do some damn work.
I still have a few small tasks to do in the room, but nothing that can't wait or impact on the final result.
Here is the finished room in all it's glory.

There you have it, all done and tidy (for now).
I even have a space for my lappy whilst I am working.

While Andy was here, we also decided that the games room was in dire need of a sort out.
This had been botched together during the last four years since we moved here.
I used stuff I had moved out of my old cabin to make the games room usable.
Now was the time to make it more practical.
We have spent the last couple of years sorting out our gaming priorities.
This change in scales and rules has made a lot of stuff we had, redundant.
Andy also donated some quality terrain to replace the older stuff we were using.
The trouble was storage.
Space was taken by stuff we never used or needed anymore.
It really was in dire need of a re-vamp.
Andy kindly offered to help pay for the much needed new shelving.
After a session with the tape measure, we toddled off to Lavers and purchased what we needed.
A couple of hours later and "da da daaaaa", we have a better looking, re-organised gaming area.
Even my Mrs says it looks "so much better".
Now we are spending the next few months sorting out all the terrain.

The room still needs re-painting, but that will come later in the year.

As you can see, we have been quite busy.
It was hell in the heat as well, but we got it done.
You can also see the seascape table as a work in progress for the new Naval rules Andy is working on.
Everything is coming together nicely.


  1. A vast improvement (or is that "Avast!" having seen the sea mat on the table?).

    How long will those rooms stay nice and tidy though?

  2. It's a thing of beauty, Kev! I'm green with envy!

    1. Lol.
      It takes time, and an understanding wife that will give up a dining room.
      Mind you, it's never ever been a dining room

    2. It's been a games room from the first day I moved here

  3. I was jealous already, now I'm Kermit!!


    1. Cheers Ian.
      You will have to pop up for a game

  4. One of you left the toilet seat up!

    other than that, it's looking good ;)


  5. Looking very neat and tidy.

  6. Efficiently designed work space. I like how your miniatures' boxes are all neatly labeled and stacked.

  7. People like you give people like me a bad name . . . . >:O(

    1. Hahaha.
      Your names bad enough.
      But you still crack me up Gary.

  8. Superb stuff! You've even got camo-patterned stools :-)

    1. Lol yep.
      Urban camo stools.
      Couldn't resist doing them.
      Ex pub stools.
      I need another if anyone has one.

  9. Now that is some serious organisation. I salute you sir from one OCD sufferer to another!

    My mate called me "touched" and a few other choice terms when I stuck custom labels on my army boxes. Now who's the weird one out eh? Hah!

    1. Cheers Michael.
      I label everything, to my wifes dismay.
      She still ribs me about the fact I labelled the kids clothes drawers.
      I just like to know what's in what box, drawer, cupboard etc.
      Best use for a printer and laminator

  10. Excellent work, chaps !
    Simply a perfect workspace and an excellent gaming area.


    1. Cheers Stefan.
      It all seems a bit hollow now after Andy's disaster.
      I really do hope I never have to go through that.
      It has happened to me before, so I know what he is going through.

  11. Looks fantastic Kevin! Really nice workspace & game room you have done. Is that a flintlock pistol above the door of your game lair? :) thanks for sharing -cc


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