Thursday, 31 July 2014

Back to Work, hopefully.

Well !
The rooms are done.
I havn't worked for three weeks due to the heat, but not wasted the time either.
New workroom and Games room to boot.
My room is still like a sweat box when the weather is hot.
Paint dries to quick and green stuff is a nightmare.
It now seems to be cooling a little (just a little).
So maybe, with a bit of luck, I may be able to get back to work and play catch up.
Roll on winter....................


  1. Roll on the dark nights and cold!

  2. It's been okay to paint, up here in the North of the Yorkshires. Been busy all day with the paints and not one dried out at all. Last night I even had all the bedclothes on the bed, instead of kicking off the sheets with me size 13s hanging off the bottom of the bed to keep cool. It's cooling down, praise be!

    1. just to further this point ~ it's been raining up here all day. nice and cool and very wet.

  3. Doesn't take much to deter me from painting when it's hot. Soon be over now though ;O)

  4. I understand what you mean Kev and all I managed is to put together a farm and some other bits and pieces and no painting. Maybe next week

  5. I get you 100%, I need to get going again but the weekend forcast looks good for some painting.



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