Friday, 8 August 2014

"Wholesale Slaughter"

Last evenings gaming session.
Andy was busy at home moving rooms around, so myself and Glenn decided on a game of "Hail Caesar".
This time, for a change, I would play the Ancient Britons and Glenn would use my Romans.
This was my First outing with the Brits and I want to forget it as soon as possible.

Too much happened to do a full batrep, but it will suffice to say that I got well and truly whupped.
We each had four divisions..
Glenn had Two Legions, an Auxiliary Legion and a cohort of Cavalry.
I had three mixed divisions of Warbands, Chariots and skirmishers and a Cavalry division.

I did manage to take loads of pics, so here is my demise in all Glenn's glory. 

Glenn and the Romans arrive

Ancient British race out to engage them.

Fierce Warbands lead the British assault

It takes time for the Romans to deploy

Boudicca leads the first assault.

The Roman Juggernaut, trundles forward

The First assault goes well for the British

But Fail to break the Legion

The British Cavalry, Blunders and Legs it.

Boudicca's assault, pushes back the legion, but it rallies.

Support for Boudicca falls short as the Romans prepare the counter.

The slow moving British centre lets the Romans Deploy.

The British centre misses it's chance to catch the Romans deploying. 

Boudicca's warband's are systematically destroyed.

The Romans strike.

Everything starts to crumble for the Brits.
One Division breaks, Boudicca's is hanging in there, just.

The British is centre broken as the supporting division  blunders and
moves the wrong way.
The Romans now control the centre.

The returning British cavalry is soundly beaten by it's Roman counterparts.
Two British Divisions broken.

The British division that blundered earlier now manages to engage the
Legions in the centre.
Both are destroyed in the ensuing melee.
Three divisions broken.

Glenn looking rather smug as Boudicca's remaining troops are destroyed.
All four British divisions are broken.
Game over..

Thats it, Game over.
All I had left to flee off the table at the end was a Chariot unit, a small skirmish unit and the Fanatics that were badly beat up.
Glenn lost three units.
I know what Andy has to contend with now when he plays against my Romans.
It started well, stuff moved forward and got into melee.
But failing to break the Roman units early on was the start of my demise.
Glenn simply fell back, re-grouped and rallied.
Then it all happened in a couple of turns.
The meat grinder came on big style and all fell before it.
Well done Glenn, Great Victory for him.
Great game.
Great fun.
Can I have my Romans back now, please.


  1. I guess it's an hard army to get the best out of.

    At least they looked good dying


  2. The fun allegedly is in the taking part, not in being taken apart! Revenge will be sweet no doubt!

  3. Always good to see how the other half lives. I finally got a chance to see all your work on the workshop and gaming area. Great job. I wish i was half as organized.

  4. Good to see you get a whoopin! do I have any sympathy for you and your loss that would be a big fat ZERO

  5. Roman's are so hard to play against, not really sure how to beat them, the only way I can think, is to slip you're opponent a Mickey Finn while he's not looking!

  6. Very interesting indeed taking a gander at this,very neat table top game. Splendid figures of which some are old friends.Nicely Painted Too.
    As for Ray`s question on how to beat the Romans is,
    " Throw the Rule Book away,and use a very large hammer!"
    Only men`t in way of friendly banter,I realise all you guys into wargaming have lots of needful fun. Greetings from Fiddle Wood, Norwich. UK Beano Boy


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