Friday, 3 June 2011

British win

The First game of the 4 part campaign was fought last night.
Against all odds it was a British victory.
We were playing to hold against the French, who in turn only had to hold against us.
Karl  fought a very defensive battle against my Brits and held me in check.
But Glen with the Westphalians  was as impulsive as ever and came unstuck against Jons solid defence.
A well timed assault by two British Battalions at the confused French centre, broke through.
At the same time the Westphalian assault on the right was shattered by concentrated British fire power.
Two failed brigade tests resulted in the Westphalians fleeing the field and a total collapse of the French left flank.
Karl (the French CinC) looked on in horror as his own French Brigades were now isolated on their right as the British broke through.
Myself & Jon had hoped to play this as a holding action, only allocating enough troops to do this.
We have stronger forces for the later games.
I win for us last night puts the French at a serious disadvantage now as we are very strong on the next game.
Great Game.
Great result, (for the Brits, lol)

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