Saturday, 4 June 2011

28mm Napoleon and the current Portuguese.

Current workload of Portuguese for Lee.
One of the many Line Bttn's I'm working on.

Also a sneak preview of my Boney I've been working on for weeks between paint jobs.
I have Napoleon on Foot (Perry Miniatures)
But I did want a mounted Emperor and went for the superb Front Rank Miniature.
Current Portuguese for Lee (one of Many)

Just need to finish the basing now and I will post a pic of the finished vignette.

I really wish Foundry would revise their prices.
I need some paint and with the £8 postage and nearly £3 a pot, I really am
considering trying a new range.
I do like the Foundry 3 colour system, but the cost is getting ridiculous.

Picked up some new brushes at Triples.
A couple of the army painter basics, they are really good for the money and
great for general painting.
You cant beat an EM4 for detail work though.
Mind you any good Kolinsky will do if you train it well, lol.
My New Boney Command stand

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