Friday, 10 June 2011

Brits win again

Part Two of our Naps Peninsular Campaign was played last Night.
Myself and Jon with the Brits and Portuguese.
Karl and Glen with the French and Westphalians.
A hard fought battle that ended with 2 French brigade test failures and the Brits breaking through again.
Jons squadron size British Cavalry (6 figures) and only 2 of them stood their own against 4 french units of 12 figures, 3 of them Lancers, lol.
Glen gave my advancing Brits a hard time with his westy line and artillery, I took 3 close morale tests that were luckily passed and continued the attack, the british class showed in the end and the Westies ran away. A suicidal charge by Jons Light Dragoons galloping through the valley of death against Karls artillery battery, that was already weakened by coming off worse againt Jons 2 British batteries.
Karls battery fired at the Charging Light Dragoons and caused 2 Casualties but Jon still managed to pass his Morale test with an impressive 11 on the die roll and force the Artillery to test to recieve the charge.
They Failed and dispersed causing the brigade morale test that saw the entire french left run off the table edge.
The Brits broke through on the left and right flanks and game over.
We now have won the first two of the four campaign games and reach the winning criteria of breaking through on two out of the four games.
We only have to hold and stop the French from breaking through in the final two games to win the campaign.
The French have to attack now and are very strong in the 4th game..
We may have to try to break through in  the next game to secure the overall victory.
Great Game..

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