Friday, 25 November 2011

ACW game 24th Nov 2011

A few pics from last nights Acw game.
A very hard fought battle that ended with another Union victory.
Glenn and Jon fought hard and pushed myself and karl to the limit. 
The battle starts with Glenns Rebs advancing  in strength towards my advancing yanks. Glenns Rebs charge the yankee line in the wood.

Union guns deploy to engage the rebs in the centre as more yanks move up in support. Karls Union brigades move to assist in the centre as he pushes towards the lone reb brigade holding the crossroads on the flank.

Karls reserves arrive, the officer leads them forward. Although sluggish at first, they advance towards the reb centre and will be decisive in the melee to come.

Glenns rebs on the flank, slam into my unit in the wood. The yanks lose the melee and flee back through the newly arrived reserves. The rebs consolidate their position in the wood.

The rebs come on screaming in their usual style, but meet stiff resistance as they clear the woods. My Iron Brigade holds its line as artillery moves up in support.

Karls yanks assault the reb centre as the weak reb flank  is pressured. Karls reserves closing on the centre, Jon is forced to bolster his forces with his newly arrived reserves.

My Yanks retake the wood after a hard fought melee, pushing the rebs back. By now, three of Glenns four Reb batteries are damaged. The union artillery proving to be the superior in the artillery duels.

My Iron Brigade engages the rebs in the centre woods. This will be a hard fight with mounting losses on both sides. Union artillery now supports my line and the Rebs suffer under the constant barrage.

As Karl assaults the Reb centre behind the stone wall., my centre swings to aid the Iron Brigade that is heavily engaged with the rebs in the centre woods,

Karls now assaults the reb centre behind the wall. Jons rebs get their dander up and after initially losing the melee now charge the victorious yanks hoping to dislodge them from the wall. this succeeds and Karls yanks fall back from the onslaught.

Jons reb flank is now lost as the yanks destroy the lone reb brigade holding it. Karl now swings his brigades to assault the centre. Jon moves his reserves to counter this. He weakens his centre though as Karls reserves close in for the kill.

With the wood retaken and a solid Union line pushing forward, Glen is forced to try on last attemp to take the wood. His Zouaves Reserves charge and are shattered with volleys, losing the melee badly. The zouaves retreat with heavy losses. Glenns force is now in a bad way with 2 spent and 2 worn brigades. All his guns are now damaged as he faces a still fresh union division.

Repeated Union charges Smash the demoralised reb centre. Karl advances as Jon attempts to hold with what he has left and puts up a solids resistance. Union artillery now swings into action to aid Karls advance. The Rebs now suffering from the bombardment prepare for the final assault.

Karl now smashes into the reb defences, driving them back. Glenns forces are now in complete disarray and fall back through the woods. 

Karls reserves finally arrive to support the breakthrough in the reb centre. Jons rebs fighting all the way as they retreat.

My Union brigades now prepare to advance on Glenns retreating rebs as Karl chases Jons from the field. Another great game over, a good win for the Yankees.

This was a hard fought game and could have gone either way. The advent of reserves made the game more interesting, especially when yo didnt know where the would arrive.
Next week is just myself and Glenn, we will be playing WW2.

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