Saturday, 19 November 2011

Acw Game Thursday

Well! we had our Acw game that was cancelled from the week before.
5 were present.
Myself & Karl with the Yankee's.
Glenn, Lee & Joe with the Rebs.
It ended early with another great Union victory.
Karl utterly destroyed Lee's (no pun intended, lol) & Joe's attacking reb brigades, as I managed to hold against Glenns assault.
Glenns initial assault pushed back my yanks, who countered and beat them off as Karl followed up Lee's retreating spent force.
Will post a few pics over the weekend.
Great game again,
The rebs have a chance for revenge next thursday, ACW again..
Pics as promised below..
Glenn deployed for battle

Lee & Joe deployed for battle

Myself deployed for battle

Karl deployed for battle

Karl deployed a large 4 section battery to cripple Lee's advance 

My troops ready to recieve Glenns assault

My centre ready for Glenns mass attack

My Zouaves advance to face the rebel yell

Glenns assault fails, his troops on the retreat, he calls it a day as my yanks follow the beaten rebs.

Karl advances after all reb opposition has withered away.

The final stage as my brigades link up with Karls and we take the field.
A great game on a fairly open battlefield.
Next week will have a more constricted battlefield to make movement a little more interesting.


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