Monday, 7 November 2011

Last Thursdays Jacobite game, Scots forces shattered..

Well, what nearly became a very early victory ended in a terrible defeat.
Karls Brits faced the Highland charge..
The Jacobites prepare for battle

Scots cavalry on the flank

Karls British prepare to recieve the highland charge

Impulsive as ever, the scots advance

Braving the massed British firepower the scots get ready to unlease the charge

Cavalry face up on the flank

Initial successfull assaults get bogged down and the Brits prepare steady volleys into the vulnerable scots. Unable to follow up on the early assaults, the scots are forced back with mounting losses.

British fire from the mounted dragoons on the flank pushes the scots cavalry back. The flank opens up to the brits.

The Jacobite centre collapses as the Brits take the wood from the eccossais.
Great game as usual, Karl was his usual self in victory, wanting to finish off the retreating scots.
It was so close, I could taste it, but even though the initial charges were successfull, the dice gods refused to grant me the breakthrough result.
In the end, the British steadfastness and firepower won the day.
The next will be a mini campaign I think...


  1. Great looking pics of what looks like a very entertaining game, thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks guys, yeah it was a great game. Myself and Karl are both very passionate about the period. We have had some great games over the years. We are about even now on victories. The Scots are a difficult army to game with, sort of a medieval army in a more modern setting.
    They can be great when the dice gods smile on you, or awefull when they dont. All part of the challenge really. Karl is a very good opponent.

  3. We used to play this period a lot, you're right it a strange one to play, it reminds me more of late 1800's colonial warfare. eg Zulu's. Take a look at this link from Old Glory, they sell two booklets on the Jacobite rebellions, its got an absolutely fantastic campaign in them, sadly we never got around to playing it, but maybe one day. Keep up the great work!!!

  4. Doh!!! S'pose it would help if I put the link in!!!


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