Tuesday, 6 December 2011

What a week..

Well, what a week, had some sort of chest/throat infection, OMG, felt so ill.
Temp 104°, shivers, shakes, coughing up allsorts of face huggers, yuk !
Just want to say thanks to my lovely lady for looking after me over the weekend, (I know you read my blog at work Charlie xx)
Felling a bit better now and resuming the painting today.
Currently painting the royalist dragoons.
Horses nearly completed and riders started.
I always paint both rider and horse together, I find this easier and I think the result is better.
You also get a better glue bond if you join them before painting them.
I picked a blue colour scheme for these (hope thats ok Peter) as the Parliament Dragoons I painted last year are red. The blue makes them appear a bit more Royalist I suppose, or maybe thats just me.
This has put me behind a bit more, so time to get cracking..


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