Sunday, 22 January 2012

Vimeiro, The Action at Ventosa Result.

A Glorious British Victory.
After last weeks debacle at Vimeiro hill, the British forces redeemed themselves with a Victory.
Once again, myself & Jon with the Brits, Karl & Glenn with the French.
This is the second scenario from the GdB Vol 5 book, and what a great game it was (from the Brits perspective anyways).
It stated with the Brits deployed as per the book, Nightingales Bdg on the right of the ridge.
Fergusons Bgd in the centre and to the left with Bowes Bgd supporting the rear.
The British two gun battery deployed between the two forward Bgd's.
Glenn  in command of Solignacs Bgd chose to concentrate his assault on Nightingales Bgd (Jon) on the british right.
Karl in command of the excellent Brenniers Bgd would be leading the flank assault.
This would appear on the flank and on the ridge next to Fergusons Bgd (Myself) on turn 3 + D6 turns.
Karl rolled his D6 and scored a 5, Brenniers Bgd would arrive on turn 8, not so good for Solignac.

It started with Solignacs assault on Nightingale and the whole French brigade advancing.
The 12th Legere occupied the village of Ventosa as the 3 remaining columns advanced into a storm of musketry.
Nightingale took a hefty toll on the advancing French as elements of Fergusons Bgd engaged the Legere in the village.
This to and fro assault from Solignac set the pace for the first 8 turns.
Failed charges, Retreats, falters and an uncanny ammount of passed morale tests and Solignac (Glenn) was still there.
Nightingales Bgd held firm though, with only the 29th taking losses (they ended up with 50%).
The French artillery was effective although the 29th could not be broken.
As Brenniers (Karl) Bgd arrived on the flank, Glenns Solignac was in a bad way, two bttns over 35% and two on 25%, but still they came on.
Brennier led his Bgd onto the ridge, 4 bttns at full strength with two squadrons of Dragoons in support.
Ferguson reacted and wheeled 2 bttns to face the new threat.
Fergusons skirmishers deployed and engaged the advancing Brenniers Bgd.
At this point, Nightingale (Jon) advanced his bttns and started to drive Solignacs Bgd back on the British right. This released Bowes Bgd to support Ferguson and the new threat of the assault from Brennier.
Brennier issued the assault order to his Bgd's and on they came.
The advanced into a hail of musketry from the skirmish screen. This faltered one of the columns and Brennier leading the assault, took one between the eyes.
Brenniers Bgd, now leaderless continued the assault with a Colonel taking his place until the ADC could reach them from the distant Solignac, who himself was in a bad situation.
Another round of skirmish fire faltered another column and wounded the Colonel. The Bgd now leaderless again continued with its assault as another Colonel took command.
The Brit skirmishers fell back before the remaining French columns charged the British lines.
A poor volley from the 36th still managed to falter one French column whilst a devastating volley shattered the Final column causing a rout.
The Following Bgd test Failed and most of what what once Brenniers Bgd fled the field.
On the other side of the field, Solignacs Bgd also suffering at the hands of the advancing Nightingales Bgd attempted a final assault.
An assault that failed and also led to a failed Bgd test.
With Both French Bgd's in retreat and the Lone Dragoons failing to change their order, all was lost for the French.
A Great game in the usual style.

The battle commences with Solignacs assault

Ventosa is Occupied

The British Hold firm on the ridge

The French columns close in

Musketry duels

Solignac is halted again.

and again

and again

Nightingale advances on the weakened French

Brennier arrives on the British flank

Solignac is pushed back

Game over, what is left of Brenniers brigade.


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