Wednesday, 25 January 2012

My First Introduction to Saga

I played my first game of Saga last night.
Andy from Terra Firma popped over with two Viking warbands.
I had never played before and I must say that I really enjoyed it.
What was really nice was the fact that I didnt have to do anything for a change.
Well except to place four boards on the table.
Saga is a really fun game, easy to grasp the basics, but getting to know your battle board is where the skill comes into it.
I did manage to win my first game (with a lot of help from Andy), I would not like to play him competitively yet, lol.
Saga is something I would now be interested in playing, you dont need masses of miniatures or a huge table.
Its quick and you always get a result after a couple of hours play, deffo recommended.
I would like to thank Andy for a great evening of mayhem and for taking the time out of his busy schedule to show me the Saga system, cheers Buddy

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