Thursday, 19 April 2012

Native American Indians.

Just completed my recent workload.
Injun war party for "Legends of the old West"
They were collected last evening before I could take pics, so I will post some when I recieve some pics from the owner.
Now its British Napoleonic peninsular commanders.
Also in the process of converting some Wargames Factory mounted Celts into mounted Welsh for Charlies Saga warband.
We Played Saga on Tuesday eve.
Four player game similar to the Feast for Crows.
Two uneasy alliances of Vikings and Normans vs Anglo Danes and Welsh.
What a slaughter.
Glenn with the pesky norman archers and crossbows wreaked havok on my Danes.
Although when the Normans came forward into melee they suffered badly against the shieldwall of my warriors.
My warlord leading his Ceorles wiped out the Norman hearthguard and the sergeants.
A final warlords pride fight resulted in the death of both the Norman and Dane warlords.
The norman missile troops, now leaderless, skulked at the back of the table.
Charlies Welsh battered the viking host, who came on with the usual gutso.
They were slaughtered en masse as the welsh moved to meet them.
The Weslh javelins and arrows found thier marks, leaving the cowardly Viking warlord to flee the field alone.
Good game..

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