Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Tonights Game,, (Post game update)

Tonights game is the SYW period.
A favorite of mine, Karls favorite aswell.
Karl with French army against my Prussian army.
We are testing a new ruleset tonight.
I have a set of ancients/medieval rules I have been working on for some time.
It is called "Rise & Fall" and plays very well indeed.
I recently used the mechanics and created a black powder era variant.
Tonight will see how it plays.
Glenn is playing to, so feedback will be good.
Pics and a report to follow.
The game was so involving that we did'nt take any pics, but.
The mechanics worked great and it did have a real linear feel to the game.
The French won. The victory points system worked and we did have a result at the end of play.
The whole playtest was a great success with only 2 minor adjustments to the rulles needed.
Lokking forward to next week when we will see how good the British and the Russians are.

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