Monday, 23 July 2012

Thursdays gaming session, WOR.

A three way Medieval game (WOR)
Great game of random surprises, treachery, bad weather and lots of mayhem.
Karl with the Yorkists.
Me with the Lancastrians.
Glenn with the earl of Suffolk and a retinue with divided loyalties.
Good fun game that saw Glenn side with my Lancastrians and soundly defeat the Yorkists under Karl.
Here are a few pics of the game, you can see the mayhem.

All figures are 1/72 plastics from various manufacturers.
A week last sundays club game was a M&T between myself and Kieron.
Myself scraping a narrow victory with the British on a scouting mission.

My M&T game yesterday (sunday) against JP was a narrow defeat for my Americans, who after battering the British, came unstuck with the damn Morale Card.
A series of routs ended my scouting mission success, giving the Brits a hard fough victory on their Engage scenario.
Great game JP

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