Monday, 6 August 2012

Wargames, Kids, Summer Holidays and Painting...Not a good mix

Well sorry for the inacivity of late.
Summer Holidays here, 6 weeks to try and keep the kids occupied and free from killing each other.
Been a slow week trying to get at the painting table, although I have made an impact on the ACW.
Construction of the WOR is also going well with 2 boxes built and ready to start painting.
Its going to be a long 6 weeks till september at this rate.
No gaming for the last couple of weeks in my games room.
I did manage a game of Fire & Fury at the club last sunday.
A ding dong of a game against Andy's rebs that ended with a lucky victory for my yankees.
Now for the fun part of the day.
Trying to wake my kids and sort breakfast etc, so I can start doing some work.

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