Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Workbench Updates and this weeks Gaming.

The Workbench page has been updated.
Jeeze my schedule is getting busier.

This Thursday evenings gaming session will see myself and Andy (Loki) have a return game of "Hail Caesar".
Andy will once again attempt to get the better of my Romans with his Ancient British Horde.
This time it will be a straight forward scrap to the death, and he is due a win with the Brits.
Glenn and maybe Karl will be present to view, laugh and generally drink tea and throw scorn upon our tactics and poor dice rolls.
They will hopefully be learning the rules at the same time as neither of them have played before.

This weekend is Blog Con.
This I am looking forward to, as it will be great to meet some fellow bloggers for the first time.
A great day of socializing and gaming whilst been surrounded by tons of Foundry shiny stuff, "Lovely".
I will only be there on the Saturday though, so anybody there on the Sunday only, I will take this opportunity to say that we will meet up at the next one, hopefully.
I can also stock up on a few of the excellent Foundry paints that I am getting desperately low on..


  1. looking forward to seeing you and Charlie on Sat, I have a game of 28mm Hail C roman vs Celt set for Blog-Con

  2. I'm looking forward to Blog Con too, should be a blast!

    1. I'm looking forward to it to Ray, will be good to meet up.

  3. Have a great time there !



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