Monday, 11 November 2013

Last Thursdays Roman Bashing and the Blog Con Weekender.

What a busy last few days.
Lets start with our usual Thursday gaming evening.
Once again we got out the "Hail Caesar" playsheets and loaded the table with some Romans and Ancient Britons.
Andy was after blood this time and wanted revenge for the last two defeats, (see earlier Batreps).
We are both still finding our feet with the rules and the armies and trying different tactics is what its all about.
Glenn came along to observe the game and brought his bad dice juju with him that he very kindly gave to me.
The game started with both forces moving into position, this took time although it was quicker this this time than the two previous games.
Andy played the Brits chariots on the flank again with the cavalry on the other flank and the warbands in the centre.
I had split the Romans this time into two separate troop type divisions.
The Legionaries formed one division and the Auxiliaries another (big mistake)

The Game started with the usual task of getting into position.

Andy's left flank force

Andy's Right flank force

Roman Battleline advances, note' the lone Cavalry on the flank
To spice things up a bit, this time I decided to be more aggressive with the Romans.
The Romans advanced on the brits and my lone cavalry charged the supported chariots.
That was not a good idea as my unsupported cavalry were destroyed in the melee.
This gave Andy a free range on the flank with two chariot units, ouch!.

After an initial Draw, the continued melee destroyed the Roman cavalry.

Britons battleline awaits the Roman advance, to Andy's surprise.

The Roman line advances


My Romans advanced but with one eye on the now exposed right flank.
This would be crucial.

The Romans are beaten back.

Some great dice rolling from Andy and some really poor from me (as Glenn looked on and said I must have his dice), saw the Brits pass every break test, even the ones at -5.

The Auxiliaries fold under pressure from two sides.
The Auxiliaries now collapsed and fled like their cavalry.
This left the Legionaries in a real predicament as the Britons closed in on all sides.

Britons moving back into position as the Roman assault FAILS!

 The Chariots finish off the last of the Auxiliaries and threaten the Legionary flank.
The Legionaries fall back into a defensive posture, but all is lost.

Game Over..
Cracking game and well done to Andy.
He played the Britons to their strengths and capitolized on the Romans weakness (the Auxiliary Flank)
The Supported chariots are a real problem on the flanks and far to troublesome for my lone Cavalry unit to counter.
The Dice gods were also very much with Andy.
My aggressive tactic with the Romans did not work as the Auxiliaries are the weak link on their own.
Back the the drawing board with the Roman army composition methinks.

Well, what a great event.
I met some great gamers and bloggers and a full report on the event will follow in the next couple of days.


  1. Great looking game, Kev! Interesting basing for the skirmishers. Is that basing prescribed by Hail Caesar?

    1. Thanks for the comment Jonathan.
      The skirmishers are our own addition as we wanted to reduce the rangers and the number of figures in the game.
      We play at 2/3 rangers with the same applied to the figures.
      The skirmishers will really be in 3's when we get the new sabot trays done.


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