Saturday, 16 November 2013

Blog -Con. My view

Well !
What can  I say that has not been already said on many other blogs throughout the last week.
I suppose my own view of the event will have to suffice.
Fun trip down with Andy, sat nav problems solved with the use of trusty google maps on my phone.
We arrived more or less on time as things were still being set up.
Having said my hello's and introductions, I settled down to a game of M&T with Mike.
The game had been put on and umpired by Paul Brewerton.
Yep thats James Dad.
Cracking game that ended with a draw as neither myself or Mike managed to complete our objectives.
The rest of my day was spent drinking tea as I had too much coffee in the morning and chatting to all the new bloggers and gamers I had met.
James birthday cake was also very nice. (Thanks Sandra)
The venue (Foundry) at Notts was great.
Superb tables.
Friendly, helpfull staff.
Free tea and coffee all day.
Tons of shiney stuff everywhere.
I bought paints only as I managed to resist the shineyitus.
It was cold all day and I was happy I took my jacket.
Andy was cold all day and he made sure he wrapped up warmer on the sunday.
I only went on the saturday and felt this was enough.
I'm glad it will be a one day only next year.
My highlights.
Meeting Fran and Ray at last.
Meeting and having a damn good chin wag with Pete. (Panzer Kaput).
Watching the Oldhammer guys really enjoying their gaming.
Now thats a sight nowadays where warhammer is concerned.
Great bunch of guys too.
The Blazing Dice game was epic.
All in all.
A great day with great people.
Well done James on a great event.


  1. How did you only buy paints? I admire your resolve! Glad you enjoyed seeing us retro-gamers having a laugh, we take our fun very seriously!

  2. Hi paul.
    I noticed you were playing the 3rd edition.
    The best in my humble opinion and the one I enjoyed the most.
    It was great watching the game and thinking back to the good old days of warhammer.

    1. Yes we use 3rd for the excellent rules and take the 'no limits' spirit of freedom from 1st and 2nd, using army lists and points values as a guide only. Playing to tell a story rather than to win is surprisingly liberating after decades of mindlessly trying to crush each other!

  3. glad your had a blast and thanks for bringing your Anglo-danes

  4. How about that!!! One of your highlights, meeting me and the oirsh one!!!!

  5. I was great to meet up Kev.. Maybe get you blazing away next time.

  6. You sure will Dave.
    Pity I got sidetracked all day and missed out.
    It was great meeting up and the game looked epic.


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