Wednesday, 11 September 2013

28mm AW Miniatures Woodland Indians and the Full Warparty with Rangers.

Finished at last.
The Indians now completed for the "Muskets & Tomahawks" British Rangers 200pt Force.
Here we also have the full force in all it's glory.
2 x 7 man Rangers units and a 6 man Indians unit.
The only thing missing is the officer and I will add him when AW send me one.
I really like these and sorry for the indoor pics (Pi**ing it down outside)

I really like the figure with the musket in the air and the tomahawk.

There is some really nice little bits of detail on these that you don't see until you paint them.

The Full 200pt Force with Rogers Rangers on the left and Gorhams Rangers on the right, with the Injuns centre.

I am really gonna have to get some of these for myself...

Basing to be completed by Loki at "Terra Firma Studio's".

On my Table at the moment are the AW British Light Infantry and a huge WotR Bow retinue.
Tomorrows game is the Jacobite Rebellion.
The first encounter from the Boots for the Prince campaign in the Last Argument of Kings book.
Myself and Andy with the Jacobites and Karl with the Hanoverians.
We are missing Glenn this week as he is recovering from an operation.
Get well soon Glenn..


  1. Nice work Kev, I shall enjoy basing these up!!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Fran.
      I really do like these and they look a lot better in the flesh.

  3. Again, these are marvelous. Great looking indians.

    1. Thanks Chris.
      I never really painted much FiW until recently and I am enjoying the period.

  4. Dam I'm not showing my Indians now they pale against yours
    Peace James

    1. I doubt that very much James.
      I was lucky as I only had to paint six of the lil buggers.
      Good luck with the full warband, ouch, lol.

  5. I have seen these in the flesh and they really are outstanding, you really do bring figures to life. Really am in awe of these!!

  6. Wow, lovely work there Kev! Those Indians look brilliant.


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