Friday, 6 September 2013

Thursday Nights Wargame, "Black Powder" Talavera, Battle for the Redoubt.

Last nights mayhem was yet another Napoleonic re-fight of the Redoubt action at Talavera.
This time we were using the 50% reduction "Black Powder" rules.
Once again, myself and Andy commanded the British and Spanish.
With Karl and Glenn with the French (Germans actually).
We thought we would try this scenario for BP, as we have played it twice recently with GdB, so as a BP tester we should be able to see how the game plays.
It played bloody well.
See the earlier posts for the Battle with GdB.
We had the lot last night, Blunders, stuff not moving, what should be easy wins were terrible losses.
Bad dice rolls (Glenn & Andy).
Good dice rolls (Karl).Plenty of moaning from probably the worst dice roller in history (Glenn).
Yep! even worse than me.
Funnily enough, the game played pretty much like the real battle.
The German attack was sporadic at best.
It was beaten back on a couple of occasions and the LEVY, Spanish Dragoons really did run riot for a short time.
Two German brigades were broken, the whole army then broke.
On the Allied side, the Spanish brigade was completely destroyed, but most of the British units were still in pretty good shape.
At the end, the redoubt held firm, a British victory.

A few teasers from a very enjoyable game.

French (German) initial assault starts.

The Allies await the assault.

German units appear from the Olive groves.

Karl's Brigades advance slowly as they get orders mixed up.

Two German columns charge the Spanish and Destroy the whole Brigade.

The Brits advance from cover to halt the assault on the redoubt.

My Dice,  Rolling 5 dice needing 6's to hit.

Glenn saved 4 of them.

Next week is the first game of a small Jacobite campaign as per the BP "Last Argument of Kings" supplement. 


  1. Stop messing about and get some yanks painted :)

  2. great looking game you are making those French Nap in my pile very attractive
    Peace James

  3. Nice looking game but nothing worse than lucky saving throws!


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