Wednesday, 4 September 2013

28mm AW Miniatures French Indian War, Gorhams Rangers.

The second unit of Rangers for AW Miniatures.
This time I painted these in the Brown jackets with red facings and cuffs.
They are a nice contrast to the Rogers Rangers in an earlier post.

I really enjoyed these and look forward to getting some for myself.

I have just the Woodland Indians to do and that will be the entire warband boxed set completed.
Basing to be done by Terra Firma Studios, (Andy/Loki).
Indians up next..


  1. I have really been liking your F&IW posts. These look great.

  2. Very nice Kev! I've always preferred Gorhams to Rodgers Rangers,not really sure why though??

  3. I know what you mean Ray, something about the brown and red that just looks really nice.
    Thankyou for the comments guys.
    These will be going with Loki for basing after tonight's gaming session.

  4. The Rangers look wonderful Kev!


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