Thursday, 12 September 2013

28mm AW Miniatures French Indian War British Light Infantry.

The last of my current batch of AW Miniatures FiW figures.
This is the British Light Infantry blister pack of 6 figures.
These are a tad on the large size, but still very nice indeed.
I painted each figure in a slight variation as they are very much in campaign wear.
All have the jockey cap, a cut down tricorne that was far more practical.
Most have the woodland hatchet and the hip bag.
The cartridge box is on the front as it should be and none have the bayonet frog as they discarded their bayonets, but one pose (3 figures) have the bayonet attached.
I myself would remove this and I will when I obtain some of my own.
I love the simplistic look of these, they all have the minimum of kit and all records show this was the case.
I had a look through my Osprey "Wolfes Army" for painting information and inspiration.
I did the long gaiters in the marching brown as they more often fought in these.
A crouching pose would be nice as would a light infantry officer.

These will be going with Andy tonight along with the Rangers force, for basing.

All these should be available to browse over at the Derby/Donnington Show.

Thats my current batch of AW, FiW completed.
They do look better in the flesh as I take useless pictures.

Now to carry on with the WotR


  1. I will post some pictures when based for you

  2. more great work, you are on fire at the moment Kev

    1. Thanks James, I just wanted to get these done for Derby.

  3. Again, these are great. You are amassing a nice size force there. I am too lazy to scroll backwards, how many have you painted up for the F&IW?

    1. Me To Chris, lol.
      These are not mine though, pity.
      These are for AW Miniatures. I myself have just the redoubt rangers, some frontiersmen, a few injuns and some Brits.
      It is growing slowly though.

  4. This is turning into one hell of an impressive project. Nice painting there.

  5. A good looking bunch. I wouldn't know the historical inaccuracies if you didn't point them out. There's always a balance between history and game.


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