Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Thursday Gaming, Workbench & Happy Birthday Karl

This Thursday's gaming will be my First outing at "Hail Caesar".
My Imperial Romans against Andy's Ancient Britons.
A 250pt game as a tester for us to get familiar with the rules.
Glenn may pop down for a cuppa, as he is still recovering from his op.
Karl will be out celebrating his birthday, so a big Happy Birthday to Karl.

My paint table is looking a bit mental at the moment.
WotR, Romans, ACW and a sprinkle of Crusaders, although I have no FiW at the moment as my Brits will have to wait a while.
I think I may need a break from this huge WotR bow unit (48).
So I may make a start on some billmen to have a change and pick back up on the archers later.

Hail Caesar battle report to follow.

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